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Veggie hot-pot

A hot-pot/stew/gryta is an easy and healthy way to make an easy to digest meal, with as many vegetables as you are able to add. It works well on a grain-free diet. You can add plant-based protein or animal protein according to preference and dietary requirements.

Ingredients for the hot-pot:

Brown onion (1)

zucchini (1)

sweet potato (1 medium)

mushrooms (6-10)

tomato pure ~200ml (unless following a strict AIP diet)

balsamic vinegar ~1 tbsp

water (1-3dl to prevent burning, if excluding tomato pure)

If you are not excluding lentils, include soaked red lentils (1dl).

For an AIP version, leave out the tomato. The vegetables themselves provide flavour, with a little help from nutritional yeast and a dash of balsamic vinegar.

The beauty of a hot-pot/stew/gryta is that you can throw in which ever vegetables you fancy, or are in season or in your fridge or garden.

On top:

onion (1 medium)

mushrooms (4-8)

broccoli 1 small bunch or 1/2 large

walnuts (if not excluding)

Sauté 1 medium brown onion, then add mushroom, followed by walnuts (if including) and finally (when almost done), add chopped broccoli. Put on a lid to allow the broccoli to lightly steam in the moisture from the other veggies.

Choose 4-5 vegetables, including onion,


Sprinkle with nutritional yeast for added flavour, protein, B-vitamins.

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