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Nutrigenetics -optimise health for your genes

​Analysis of your unique gene variants relating to a wide array of health areas from physical to mental health.

Nutrigenetics is the study of the relationships between genes, diet, and health outcomes. The analysis helps you understand which areas you may need extra support. ​

Our genetics are highly complex, and health conditions are usually a combination of the effects of numerous genes interacting with each other and with our environment (diet, lifestyle etc).  

For every gene you inherit, you have two copies. One from your mother and one from your father.  For many of our genes, there are several different variants of the gene that have come to persist through evolution, and it is the combination of these variants that makes us all unique. Nutrigenetic analysis looks at which variants you have inherited and their proposed effects.


Most of these variants have persisted in our genomes because they have imparted some kind of evolutionary benefit.  Many of these variants however with today’s diet and lifestyles can confer health risks rather than benefits. The good news is that we can modify our diet and lifestyle factors to get the best out of our particular genetic lot. 

We don’t all have the same requirements for all nutrients.   We differ in how effectively we convert particular nutrients to their active or beneficial forms, the way we sense and metabolise energy from food, how our hormone systems respond to stress, how our immune systems respond to infections, allergens, foods and our own tissues, and how well our bodies detoxify hormones, metabolic by-products, toxins and histamine.  Some of us have structural variants in our connective tissues, teeth or bones, whilst genetic variants in multiple areas help orchestrate our behavioural psychology and neuropsychological response to diet, environment and life-events. 


We are privileged  to have the opportunity to analyse our own personal genomes, and put to use the findings from decades of scientific and medical research to improve our health, wellbeing and help prevent chronic disease.    By knowing more about the variants we carry,  we can try to adapt our nutrition and lifestyle to optimise our health and reduce disease risk.    


Simply knowing that you have a greater need for vitamin D, vitamin A, vitamin B12, folate, B6, omega-3, choline  or iron, or that a high-carb or ketogenic diet may not not suit you metabolically, or that your ability to break-down histamine is poor, or that you do or do not have the genes for Celiac disease, or iron-overload disorder can enable you to take simple steps to support these factors to improve your health, wellbeing and longevity.


Nutrigenetics can either be added on to your personalised nutrition programme or you may book a one-off  consultation. 


When combined with Personalised Nutrition, we gain the added wealth of information about you that I can gather from your genetic analysis, in addition to your health history, signs, symptoms, diet etc. 

Genetic analysis takes some of the guesswork out of my 'health-detective' work, trying to identify the root causes of your health issues.  It can help me to more accurately determine where to focus, and help you onto an improved health path..




Nutrigenetics add-on 

60min (2900kr)


For current personalised nutrition clients.

As an add-on, the consultation will be up to 60min longer to enable specific discussion on your genetic variants.  You can choose to book a separate consultation for this if that is more practical. 


Initial personalised nutrition + genetics consultation  2.5-3h (5400kr).  


For new Personalised Nutrition clients wanting to include their genetic information in their programme from the start.

Everything you get in a one-off Nutrigenetics consultation plus the personalised nutrition & lifestyle guidance.


One-off nutrigenetics consultation 2h, (4100kr )


For individuals not seeking any ongoing support, but wanting a deep-dive into their individual genetic variants in relation to physical and mental health, disease prevention and longevity, considering genetics, health history and current health status together.

You will complete a health questionnaire and optional food diary, and you can provide any past test results for me to consider, or pre-order a comprehensive blood test prior to your consultation.  


All consultations include your Detailed Genetic Variant Reports and Personalised Nutrigenetics Summary.  You also receive a collection of articles on topics of particular interest to your genetics 

Your Detailed genetic variant report covers a broad span of topics such as: 
Vitamins/Nutrients, Detoxification, Methylation, Mood and Brain, Autoimmune, Inflammation, Histamine, Disease Susceptibility, Metabolic Health, Sleep and Circadian Rhythm, Gut Health, Immune system, Cancer, Heart Disease, Fertility, Longevity, Exercise, Traits, Rare mutations.

If you have a very specific topic of interest that you wish to explore deeply, I may recommend a different report in some instances, that is tailored to go more deeply into the topic. Eg. Breast-cancer risk, Alzheimer's risk, Female fertility, Comprehensive Methylation, or Detoxification. 

These are an additional cost. Prices vary depending from report to report. In some cases we may not use 23andme raw data, but a different DNA testing service.

Your Personalised Nutrigenetics Summary is your most important document.  This my summary of  what I consider the most important variants for you in light of what I know about your health, health history and family history, and I put them in context.  

Additional cost prior to your consultation:

DNA test (if you don’t already have your raw genetic data in ‘rs-number’ format (ca 1000kr from 23andme).


I recommend 23andme for most people for covering health-related genetic variants. If you have specific needs or wish to use a different service, contact me for advice prior to ordering.  Note: Nebula and Dante Labs offer whole genome sequencing, but  I cannot use the raw data for further analysis.  My Heritage data is very poor for health related variants. Ancestry is acceptable, but with limitations. 


All data is handled in accordance with Data Protection Act 2018 (General Data Protection Regulations).  Client data collected from health questionnaires and genetic analysis is processed and stored in accordance with GDPR 'special category' data. Client data is stored securely for a period of 8 years after last consultation. Genetic raw data can be shared with your practitioner in an anonymised form (no name or personalised details in your file or file name) . 

You are welcome to request a free discovery call to  help choose the best consultation type for you and learn how to get started.

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