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Personalised Testing

Test what is relevant to you.
Generic test panels often miss important markers relevant for your individual health situation.

A general health-check
investigation to find the root cause of your symptoms?

  1. I design a blood test panel to suit you, based on a health questionnaire, any past test results, and any current concerns. 

  2. You do your test at a lab convenient to you*

  3. We book a 30min consultation to go over your results. You receive your results and my written comments. 

I assess test results in relation to optimal levels for health, and not just the clinical reference ranges.  I also take the greater picture into consideration of both your test results and health history. 


If there are any areas out of balance, you can book a Personalised Nutrition consultation for further investigation to your health status, and guidance on supporting your body to restore optimal function and balance naturally.  If there are any concerning results, I will refer you to your doctor or an appropriate medical practitioner.


Note that bespoke testing is an integral part of a regular Personalised Nutrition programme, and does not cost any extra (you pay only for the test).

This personalised test service option is available for individuals who want to check their health status  but are not ready to commit to 1:1 support, or are not sure they need it. 



600kr Design of bespoke blood panel with 30min consultation via zoom to discuss results (test price not included).


A typical comprehensive blood panel is around 1650- 1900kr.

*Regular blood tests are done in collaboration with Nordic Wellth using Karolinska Universitetslaboratoriet (Stockholm area) and other laboratories in other regions of Sweden. (Göteborg, Lund, Region Gävle, Uppsala, Linköping,  Skovde, Eskilstuna, Norbotten, Kalmar, Örebro, Östergottland, Värmland, Västmanland). 

Advanced functional medicine testing

Advanced functional medicine tests are done using various  laboratories in the UK, USA and Europe.  These tests are available to individuals through their Personalised Nutrition programme. 


Functional medicine tests are tests not typically available through the healthcare system, that enable us to take a deeper look into the body than a regular blood test, and are typically much more detailed, helping us to identify the root cause of health issues. 


Examples are. Stool tests (avföringsprov), metabolite analysis (nutritional status, inflammation, oxidative stress, dysbiosis, energy), mould toxins, SIBO, advanced hormone testing (DUTCH test), intolerance/immune reactivity testing, Lyme/borrelia and other parasite testing.

Labs we commonly use include Genova Diagnostics, Cyrex, Regenerus, Arminlabs, Precision Analytical (DUTCH), and Mosaic DX.


Advanced functional medicine tests are available to Personalised Nutrition clients. For test interpretation only:

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