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Cognitive Health & ReCODE

Personalised nutrition & lifestyle guidance with a focus on cognitive health. Identification of the key areas needing most support to support optimal brain health & ageing, aiming to prevent or reverse cognitive decline and development of Alzheimer's disease and related dementias.


Our brain is perhaps our most complex organ, and the most important.

We need to take care of it, just as we do the rest of our body, to prevent or slow the age-related degenerative processes that lead to cognitive decline and dementia. 

I began my research career in the Alzheimer's disease field in the late 1990s, when we were still arguing about what is most toxic to the Alzheimer brain, and what initiates and drives the pathology, whilst  pharmaceutical companies were searching for the 'magic bullet'. No-one considered reversal of cognitive decline a realistic goal.  It was more a question of slowing the decline, and achieving early detection to then be able to 'treat' with the elusive 'magic bullet' that may one day be developed. 


With time, it became apparent, that  Alzheimer's disease was a multifactorial disease, and that most of these factors are actually modifiable diet and lifestyle factors. Even genetic risk-factors are modifiable through diet and lifestyle. 

It is the beginning of an exciting era as 2021 heralded the groundbreaking large-scale clinical-trial of Dale Bredesen and colleagues, demonstrating REVERSAL of COGNITIVE DECLINE with an individualised nutrition & lifestyle medicine approach (ReCODE).

When you start noticing a decline in cognitive function and worsening memory, this is the time to do something about it.  There are different factors driving cognitive decline  in different individuals.  Identifying these makes it easier to correct them, and restore optimal function.  

Factors such as blood sugar dysregulation, infections, an inflammatory diet, nutritional deficiencies, hormonal deficiencies, stress, sleep deprivation, poor circulation, toxin exposure and trauma can all contribute to worsening brain function and development of Alzheimer's or related dementias.  

The good news is that these are largely REVERSIBLE factors.  Whilst dead neurons cannot be recovered, poor cellular function can be improved, when the underlying imbalances are addressed, and we can reduce further neuron death. 

Addressing cognitive decline requires an individualised approach, and the earlier you take the first steps, the greater your capacity for improvement. Even better than taking action at the first signs of cognitive decline, is to reduce your risk factors already now.  

Consultation process & pricing: Book 'Personalised Nutrition'.  

Cognitive health -Prevention of Alzhiemer's disease


Initial consultation and assessment based on your health history, signs, symptoms,  dietary habits and any existing test results.


Comprehensive blood panel to identify imbalances and areas needing attention.

(Referral to your GP if required)

advanced functional testing

For deeper insight into particular areas if needed.

eg. metabolic & biochemical imbalances, genetics, stool tests, advanced hormone testing, pathogens, toxins,  immune & autoimmune reactivities, intolerances.

nutrition & lifestyle recommendations

Recommendations tailored to you aiming to correct imbalances and provide your body and brain with the environment it needs for optimal function and recovery.  

Regular followup and support to keep you on track, and adjust your programme as necessary.

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