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Workshops & Courses


  • Online talks

  • Workplace seminars & workshops

  • Health-days with yoga & health talks

  • Special events 

Choose from the suggested topics or request your own. 


For seminars, workshops or courses on natural health related topics please contact me:

Dr Christa Maynard PhD(med) Cert. Nutritional Therapist
Promotional talk-Immune support

Kick-off your next online group meeting

with a talk and Q&A  on

a topic that suits your group  

Optimising Immune health,
Covid & Long-Covid

Optimising Mental & Physical Performance

Stressed Woman

Stress & Burnout

Healthy Diet

Health Choices for the ultra busy

Gut-brain connection_edited.jpg

The Gut-Brain Connection

Beautiful Landscape

Prevention of Chronic Disease & Healthy Ageing

Mountain Range

Override your  risk factors

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