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Dr Christa Maynard Cert. Nutritional Therapist


Christa is a Nutritional Therapist with a PhD in medicine and a background in medical research, originally from Australia. With a life-long passion for health, nutrition and natural medicine, and a 20-year career in medical research as a cell biologist, she has spent many years trying to unravel the mechanisms of age-related chronic diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, and how we could slow or prevent these diseases naturally.  She came to realise that our most powerful
means to tackle chronic disease and optimize health and wellbeing is through diet and lifestyle choices. 


With a deep interest in natural medicine and how we can optimise health through diet and lifestyle choices, Christa embarked on further studies to enhance her knowledge in nutritional medicine.  By combining scientific understanding of human physiology and disease mechanisms with nutrition, herbal medicine and other lifestyle factors, Christa takes a functional medicine approach to helping individuals tackle physiological imbalances at their roots to prevent chronic disease and to support the body in re-establishing optimal health where chronic disease has developed. 


Christa has a PhD in medicine from University of Melbourne, Australia, a degree in Personalised Nutrition from Middlesex University, UK, and a diploma in Nutritional Therapy as well as  undergraduate degrees in Biochemistry and Chemistry.  She is also a certified NLP practitioner (Neurolinguistic Programming), which is a coaching approach for helping people to achieve change in behaviour and mindset.  

Christa also works closely together with Maria Berglund Rantén, co-founder of Nordic Wellth, Biohealth Clinic, UK, and is an active member of the British Association for Nutritional Therapists (BANT), and Näringsmedicinska Terapeutförbundet (NMTF), Svensk Naturläkareförbund (SNLF), and Nutritionistförening.

  Consultations in both English and Swedish.

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