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Spicy stewed apple

Stewed apple made from organic apples with skins is rich in gut-supportive pectins. I add a little psyllium husk to both improve the consistency and add a little more soluble fibre to feed the health gut flora. When apples are in season, you can make large batches and freeze to last you throughout the winter.

Makes ~1L (30 servings)


  • 1-2kg organic apples washed (leave skins on)

  • 1 stick cinnamon (or 1 tsp cinnamon powder)

  • 3 whole cloves (or ½ tsp ground cloves)

  • 3 cardamom pods cracked (or 1 tsp cardamom)

  • ~2 dl water


  1. Chop apples into pieces removing core (leave skins on, these contain the pectins).

  2. Add all ingredients to saucepan and simmer on gentle heat covered until soft (~30min). Allow to cool slightly before transferring to glass jars. Store in refrigerator.

Keeps a good week or more in the refrigerator. Can be frozen.

To keep longer (unopened), pre-sterilise glass jars and lids in the oven at 120oC for 30-40min. Transfer freshly stewed apple to the sterilized glass jars and put on lid. If you plan to freeze, leave some space in the top of the jar to enable expansion.

After freezing, simply take out a jar the day before you need it and allow to thaw overnight in the refrigerator. If you are in a hurry, place the jar in a water-bath of slightly warm water.

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