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Berry nice-cream/smoothie with hidden veg.

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Makes 4-5 servings


1 fresh beetroot grated (or baked and frozen in cubes)

2 cm finger of fresh ginger

1 dl baked butternut squash in cubes- frozen (optional)

1 Jerusalem artichoke (jordärtskocka) riven/hackad

2 sticks of asparagus chopped (frozen is fine)

3 florrets broccoli

1 large handfull baby spinach leaves

1/2 small handful chopped kale (optional)

2-4 tbsp hemp seeds

1 large banana, sliced (2 if its for kids. Frozen is fine)

½-1 avokado

¾ cup frozen strawberries

½ cup frozen blueberries

2 tbsp lime or lemon juice

2 tbsp coconut cream (optional for added creaminess)

1 tbsp lecithin powder (optional)


Allow frozen banana and strawberries to thaw slightly ~5 min at room temp. Combine all non-frozen ingredients and enough water to enable blending ( approx 200ml). Blend until smooth with no 'bits' visible. Add half the frozen ingredients (leave blueberries till last) blend until smooth, then add remaining frozen ingredients, blend again until smooth, and finally add blueberries and pulse blend with occasional stirring until smooth like ice cream. If you are happy with smoothie consistency you can add a little more water and its much easier, as its harder to blend the thicker it is.

Serving suggestion: Sprinkle with cacao nibs, musli or sugar-free granola.

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