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Seed crackers with lentils (Fröknäcke med linser)

Updated: Apr 29, 2020


1 dl sunflower seeds

1 dl pumpkin kernels

1 dl sesame seeds

1/2 dl chia seeds

1 dl red lentils

2 dl linseeds

2-4 tbsp psyllium husk

1 tbsp coconut oil or olive oil

1 tsp turmeric (optional)

Pinch of salt (eg. Himalaya)

~5 dl freshly boiled water


1. Pre-soak sunflower seeds, pumpkin kernels and lentils in water overnight. Rinse several times.

2. Combine with other dry ingredients. Stir through coconut/olive oil. Pour boiled water over seed mix. Stir to combine and let sit for 10min.

3. Spread out on baking paper to cover two baking trays (3-5mm thick), smoothing with a silicon spatula or similar (add more water if it is too thick to spread).

4. Bake at 150°C for ~45 min. Remove from oven, slice into slices, flip pieces upside down and return to oven for further drying at 100-150°C for 30min or until dry. Open oven door regularly to aid release of water vapour. Allow to cool in oven with oven door wedged open.

5. Store in air-tight container.

Tip. Opening the oven occasionally during baking may help water vapour escape. Baking at a lower temp for a longer time is also an option, or alternatively drying with a dehydrator for a raw seed cracker.

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