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Musli (gluten-free)

Making your own musli is generally cheaper and of higher quality than bought musli. You can control what you put into it, and really create your own favourite mix. This is an example, but feel free to vary according to your own tastes. You don't need to measure, just judge by eye. Add less dried fruit if you are aiming to decrease your glycemic load. If its for kids who don't like seeds, leave them out (although they probably won't notice most of them).. (note this pic includes dinkel puffs which are not GF)


rolled gluten-free oats,

quinoa flakes

amaranth puffs

shredded coconut

sesame seeds

sunflower seeds

pumpkin seeds

golden linseeds

hemp seeds

Raw organic cacao

Ceylon cinnamon

Psylum husk for added fiber (~1dl/kg oats).

Can add dried chopped organic fruit (sultanas, apricot, cranberry, fig, cherry).

Store in an air-tight container.


1) If including dried apricots and figs or other larger sticky dried fruit that need chopping into small pieces, which inevitably stick together, start by combining sesame seeds, linseeds and cocoa, which stick well to the sticky fruit pieces. With clean hands, add the chopped dried fruit, coating with the seed/cacao mix and separate clumps with your fingers, before adding the remaining ingredients and mixing.

2) Combine all (remaining) ingredients in a large bowl and just mix it all together!

Transfer to a large airtight jar or a tin. You can just combine all ingredients directly into your musli jar, but then it can be difficult to get thorough mixing if it is too full.

Note: if you are on a gluten free diet, use gluten-free oats, as regular oats generally contain small amounts of gluten due to contamination by wheat.

If you are on a seed-free diet, simply omit the seeds.

Tip for kids: leave out the pumpkin seeds if they don't like seeds, and if you can get golden linseeds, these are pretty much 'invisible' in the musli and look much like sesame seeds. Include less seeds in a musli mix for a kids than for adults (or omit entirely).

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