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Nordic Wellth Team Consultation

I  work closely together with Maria Berglund Rantén co-founder of Nordic Wellth.  


If you come to me for a Nordic Wellth team consultation, you will see me for the consultation, but I discuss client cases with Maria Berglund Rantén and the Nordic Wellth team where necessary to come to the best possible intervention.  In this way, you get the advantage of several brains instead of one.   This may be particularly beneficial for complex cases.


Nordic Wellth consists of a multidisciplinary team of nutritional therapists, doctor, coaches and behavioural scientist. Maria Berglund Rantén has developed well-tested guidelines through extensive clinical experience, so that all consultations maintain the same high standard, no matter which therapist you chose to go to.  

Price (Nordic Wellth Team Consultation):

Initial consultation: 2h, 3500kr 

Return visit: 50-60min, 1350kr 

Consultations at  Odenplans Integrerade Hälsoklinik, Stockholm or via Zoom or telephone.



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