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Combined nutrition advice and lifestyle coaching

(Nutritionist kost rådgivning)

Being overweight is more than just a dampener to self-esteem and energy, it is a risk factor for a myriad of chronic diseases.  


Storage of excess body fat can be a result of more than simply how many calories you take in. The balance of intestinal flora can influence how much energy is extracted from our food, and our hormone systems (eg. stress, thyroid, insulin) dictate to our body whether it should store energy or burn it.   These factors in turn are influenced by the myriad of factors in our lives from the food we eat, when we eat, the chemicals we are exposed to, the stress perceived by our bodies, the quality of sleep, physical activity, and periods of fasting.  Psychology is also a big factor in determining our food choices, with eating for reward, emotional eating, social eating, habitual eating all contributing to our dietary intake.


Hunger and desire to eat are also influenced both by hunger and satiety signals, which are influenced by what you eat, and may be re-calibrated. Establishing new habits and re-balancing our metabolism and microbiome to achieve and sustain your desired body-weight for the long term is naturally not a quick fix crash-diet, but rather a process where we intervene at multiple levels to re-calibrate your metabolism and dietary and lifestyle habits.  


A standard weight-loss program involves:

  1. Nutrition advice & coaching (60min) 

  2. Follow-up (60min). Assess progress, challenges, adapt plan, further coaching as relevant.

  3. Follow-up (45min). Assess progress, coaching and adapt plan as needed.


Cost for 3 sessions: 2750kr 

Included in program: 

  • Assessment of a detailed health questionnaire and food diary.

  • Personalised nutrition advice to support your goals.

  • NLP Coaching for overcoming barriers and obstacles.

  • Diet plan with examples for 3+ days

  • Recipe examples and/or links to recipes to support your diet plan.

  • Further reading tips if relevant.

  • Adjustment to your diet plan after return consultations.

  • Short questions via email between consultations.


Further sessions can be added to suit your individual need.

1000kr/60min session (clinic or virtual) 

750kr/45min session (clinic or virtual)  

500kr/30min session (clinic or virtual)  

Consultations in  English or Swedish.

(Sweden, UK, Europe & EFTA countries only).

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