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Optimise your nutrition and lifestyle for your own unique genetics

  • 1 hour
  • 2900-4100kr
  • Upplandsgatan

Service Description

Nutrigenetics add-on (for existing or new personalised nutrition clients) 2900kr, 60min. ( Europe €275, UK £250) One-off Nutrigentics consultation 2h, 4100kr ( Europe €390, UK £350) A one-off consultation focused on physical and mental health, disease prevention and longevity based on your genetics and current health status. If you would like to pre-order a blood test get in touch when booking. Included in the consultation price is your Personalised Nutrigenetics Summary. This is your most important document. It is my summary of what I consider the most important variants for you in light of what I know about your current health, health history and family history, and I put them in context. It is divided into topics such as: Highlights, Nutrients, Intolerances, Detoxification, Methylation, Hormones, Neurotransmitters, Brain, Autoimmune, Inflammation, Histamines, Disease Susceptibility, Metabolic Health, Cardiovascular, Appetite/Weight, Immune system, Cancer, Fertility, Blood-test markers and Medications/vaccines. Your report finishes with Personalised comments and recommendations. You also receive your auto-generated Detailed Genetic Variant Reports, and a collection of topic articles of relevance to you for further reading. These explain some of the science in lay terms. Additional costs: 1) DNA test (if you don’t already have your raw genetic data in ‘rs-number’ format (~€100 from an external provider). I recommend 23andme for best coverage of health-related genetic variants. If you wish to use a different service, contact me for advice prior to ordering. Nebula and Dante labs offer whole genome sequencing, but I cannot use the raw data for further analysis. New clients wanting to include their genetic information in their programme from the start can book a combined initial consultation + Nutrigenetics 2.5-3h. If you would like order a blood test prior to your initial consultation, please mention when booking. To book a consultation or discovery call please complete the contact form on the Nutrigenetics page, or at the bottom of the homepage.

Contact Details

  • Upplandsgatan 38, Stockholm, Sweden


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