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Nutritional Therapy is natural medicine based on science.  Using our understanding of how the body’s systems work together, biochemical pathways, disease mechanisms, contributing factors, and evidence for diet/lifestyle factors in modulating health outcomes, we attempt to identify the root causes of health issues in the individual, and recommend diet and lifestyle interventions to support the body in restoring optimal health and wellbeing by addressing underlying imbalances.

I take a Functional Medicine (FM) approach, viewing the body as an interconnected group of systems including: Digestion, Absorption, Elimination, Detoxification, Communication (hormones and neurotransmitters), Defence, Mitochondrial Efficiency (Energy), Transport, Structure and Repair.  Optimal health requires all of these systems to be well functioning.   Imbalances in one system can often impact other systems, and when imbalances occur, chronic disease commonly develops.  Imbalances can be a result of interactions between our genetics, lifestyle, environment and diet, which can act as antecedents (predisposing factors), triggers or mediators of disease.  We can support the body in restoring balance and strengthening these systems by adjusting our environmental and lifestyle inputs, such that health concerns are more likely to resolve, and optimal health and function achieved.


Starting with an in-depth investigation of your health, diet and lifestyle history, I look at how your personal signs, symptoms and health history link together to explain the underlying causes of illness, chronic disease, and sub-optimal function and wellbeing.  Interventions typically include adjustments to diet, exercise, sleep, stress and relaxation.   I may also recommend nutritional supplements and in some cases functional testing to help pinpoint the root causes of health issues. 

Children up to the age of 15 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.

Prices (Health in Balance):

Initial Consultation: 2h, 2200kr

Return consultation: 1h, 1000kr

Consultations at Odenplans Integrerade Hälsoklinik, Stockholm.

Return consultations can be taken in person or via Skype/telephone

Consultations in English and Swedish.

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What happens during a Nutritional Therapy consultation?

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