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Nutritionist - family advice
Healthy eating for children
Nutrition Advice for Families


Children naturally develop healthy tastes and a healthy relationship to food if they learn it in the home. Unfortunately, a lot of what is considered ‘normal’ is not necessarily conducive to good health. I’ve been rewarded for the efforts I’ve put into my own children, and they have blown my mind and preconceptions.

Family consultations can either focus on the child/children, or the whole family.    

You get:

  • Bespoke food plan with specific recommendations

  • Healthy eating guidelines 

  • Example food plan

  • Recipes and helpful tips for food preparation.

You can book a longer consultation if you would like more time to spend on specific individuals, particular problems or have a lot of questions.

1100kr  60min (1200kr from 1 Jan 2024)

1375kr 90min  (1500kr from 1 Jan 2024)

1650kr 120min (1800kr from 1 Jan 2024)

Did you know you can claim ‘kostrådgivning’ on friskvårdsbidrag?

Consultations at Odenplans Integrerade Hälsoklinik or via Zoom.

Consultations in English and Swedish.

Your consultation can be focussed according to your needs:

Family nutrition advice
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