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Nutrition Advice


Guidance on healthy eating to support physical and mental health, energy, performance,  resilience and general wellbeing.  Whether your main goals are to feel better, to lose fat, build muscle, improve athletic performance, or to reduce risk of chronic disease and live a healthier, longer life, I tailor your recommendations to your goals, and the opportunities and limitations in your life.   Considerable research has shown the importance of diet and lifestyle on health and wellbeing, and it is not always easy how your own diet measures up.  This may be especially true in the case of dietary restrictions due to allergy, intolerance, certain medical conditions, or ethical or religious reasons.  

The objectives of a consultation are to:


•    Assess potential strengths and weaknesses of your current diet.

•    Identify potential nutrient excesses and deficiencies 

•    Explain the roles of nutrients in the body, in the context of your goals and symptoms you are most interested in.

•    Explain the potential impacts of any chemical additives, environmental toxin exposures of relevance.

•    Provide alternative food suggestions together with their nutritional and health benefits in context.

•    Devise a food-plan to support your lifestyle and health goals.

•    Provide helpful tips to support easy preparation of healthful foods.

•    Provide additional sources of information for further reading if deemed relevant.

•    Refer to other healthcare practitioners if considered appropriate.


Guidance is based on research-based information on the links between nutrient imbalances and health concerns of most relevance to your diet and health concerns.

You receive a nutrition guide and a food plan including some example recipes and helpful tips to support healthy nutrient-dense diet comprised of real food.

Children up to the age of 15 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.


1200kr 1h  (110 / £100)

Consultations at Odenplans Integrerade Hälsoklinik or virtually.

Consultations in English and Swedish.

(Sweden, UK, Europe & EFTA countries only).

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