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Nutrigenetics Feedback

To help me improve the way I deliver the Nutrigenetics analysis your feedback is valuable.


Your Personalised Nutrigenetics Summary is written in a way that I intend to be helpful and informative for both you, and for me in your ongoing care. 

 I can quickly refer back to your Nutrigenetics Summary in association with future consultations to help weigh up likely explanations for new symptoms, areas you most likely need more support, or to help guide supplement choices.

What I am striving to achieve is the right balance in the type and quantity of  information in your reports so that it is understandable, informative and helpful, FOR YOU without you being so overloaded with information that you don't know where to start.


Please let me know your experience to help me make this service as excellent, mind-blowing and life-changing (in a good way ; ) as it possibly can be.

How did you find your Persoalied Nutrigenetics report?
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