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Weight management
Weight-management 6-month package

It is important to identify the underlying causes of excess weight (or an inability to gain weight) to be able to determine the right approach for you.  


Storage of excess body fat can be a result of more than simply how many calories you take in relative to your physical activity. The balance of intestinal flora can influence how much energy is extracted from our food, and our hormone systems (eg. stress, thyroid, insulin) dictate to our body whether it should store energy or burn it.  These factors in turn are influenced by a myriad of factors in our lives, from the food we eat, when we eat, the chemicals we are exposed to, the stress perceived by our bodies, the quality of sleep, physical activity, and periods of fasting.


Psychology is also a big factor in determining our food choices, with eating for reward, emotional eating, social eating, habitual eating all contributing to our dietary intake.  When it comes to the psychology around eating, I personally believe, and have observed that our genetics are a very strong driver.  


Hunger and desire to eat are controlled by hunger and satiety signals. Some of us have genetics that drive us to seek food more than others, and some people are less able to sense satiety and more easily feel hunger or the desire to seek food. The genetic variants behind this may have helped us survive 10,000 years ago, but in today's society with an abundance of high-energy food available, it can be detrimental to the the health. Hunger and satiety signals, are also influenced by what you eat, and may be re-calibrated.


If your key focus is weight management, I will begin with a thorough assessment to try to determine which factors are contributing to your excess weight (or underweight if that is the case), in addition to identifying any other health imbalances that need addressing for optimal health and wellbeing.  I will  guide you in a personalised manner to help you establish new diet and lifestyle habits for optimal health, including re-balancing your metabolism to achieve and sustain your desired body-weight for the long term.

We are not aiming for a quick fix crash-diet, but rather a process where we intervene at multiple levels to re-calibrate your metabolism and dietary and lifestyle habits for the long-term.


Your programme can involve a combination of nutrition advice and coaching as required.  Where behavioural change is a key element, our main work in your later consultations may be with coaching, to identify and overcome barriers to change.


I am a certified NLP (Neurolinguistic programming) coach, and behavioural change around weight-management is a key area where this can be of help. 


The weight-management 6-month package involves:

  1. Initial Personalised Nutrition consultation (2h). 

  2. Comprehensive bespoke blood panel* (~1600kr, additional cost)

  3. Four return consultations (60min ea) every 4-6 weeks (in clinic or via zoom)

  4. Email support during your programme (short questions).


Your initial consultation and blood panel (recommended but not obligatory) are to assess your overall health status, identify nutritional deficiencies and areas of your health that need support, in addition to identifying the main underlying drivers behind your weight.

Return consultations are to assess progress, challenges, adapt plan, and further coaching as relevant. In addition, we continue to work on supporting any other chronic health issues you may have (most people, have something).

* A comprehensive blood pannel helps me identify areas of your health that are out of balance, including checking your blood sugar control and insulin sensitivity, thyroid hormones and antibodies, blood fat profile, and sufficiency of key nutrients such as vitamin D, B12, folate and iron status. If you have past test results, please share these with me.  You only pay for the markers we order.  I design a panel suitable for you. The bespoke blood panel is  only available in Sweden, but there are alternatives in most countries.

Many people with a history of weight-control issues are interested in exploring their genetics. If you wish to do Nutrigenetics too, I suggest getting started with ordering your test kit asap, as it can take time. 

Cost: 6500kr (€600, £550 GBP) 

This includes 5 sessions (6h total), and for your commitment, you receive a 14% (1050kr) discount from individual consult prices. 

Included in program: 

  • Assessment of a detailed health questionnaire and food diary.

  • Interpretation and assessment of blood test results.

  • Personalised nutrition & supplement advice to support your goals.

  • NLP Coaching for overcoming barriers and obstacles.

  • Meal plan with examples 

  • Recipes for inspiration  to support your diet plan.

  • Adjustment to your diet plan after return consultations.

  • (Optional body composition analysis in clinic)

  • Short questions via email between consultations.


Further sessions can be added for ongoing support at the usual return consultation price.

Note that you can book Personalised Nutrition and gain the same support as with the Weight-management 6 month package. The package provides you with a discount to help motivate your commitment.

Consultations in  English or Swedish.

(Sweden, UK, Europe & EFTA countries only).

Näringsmedicin - Food is Medicine
Lifestyle Medicine
Kostrådgivning- Nutrition Advice
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