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Lifestyle medicine
NLP coaching
Dr Christa Maynard
To facilitate behavioural change, strengthening of mindset, confidence and emotional control.

Changing habits to achieve the healthier diet and lifestyle we envisage is often a challenge. Coaching may be recommended in conjunction with Nutritional Therapy or Nutritional Advice where eliciting change is a barrier.  I am a qualified Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner and use NLP coaching techniques to help you find the solutions to achieve your goals and overcome your obstacles.  


Negative behaviors, thought patterns, and beliefs arise though the culmination of experiences, observations and learning throughout our lives, often becoming hardwired and hindering us from our goals and from being the person we would like to be.  When we replace negative thoughts and behavioral patterns with positive ones, these too can become hard-wired, replacing those we wish to escape from, and this is the goal with neurolinguistic programming.  I work with you to identify your goals, hindrances, and what makes you tick, to then devise a strategy and use appropriate techniques to help re-program your thought patterns and resultant behavior to help you become your optimal self.


Your goals may relate to health behavior, how you interact with others in your private and professional life, strengthening confidence, or overcoming mental barriers or phobias that hinder you from what you want in life.


The essence of NLP is the belief that you have the solutions to your problems, and the practitioner simply helps you find them.



  • Self-discipline and choice-making around eating

  • Changing bad eating habits

  • Breaking ‘food as reward’ mentality

  • Motivation to do what is good for your body

  • Self-confidence 

  • Improving interpersonal communication and relationships

  • Positive thinking (changing negative thought patterns)

  • Understanding others 

  • Dealing with difficult people in your life


Coaching/NLP:  1100kr for 1h

Odenplans Integrerade Hälsoklinik

Consultations in English or Swedish.

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